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Svetlana and Mark.
New York city

The meeting of this pair was in New York city  in December 16th. Mark invited Svetlana to him, they spent three unforgettable evenings and left the puece of themselves on the hearts of ech other. Month after Mark arrived to Chernigov (Ukraine)...

Olga and Henrich
Los Angeles

First date of this pair was in romantic Prague. They were forced to split up for long time after that. But in January 2017 Herich made a proposal to Olga and now they live in Los Angeles. Beautiful pair is in happiness which they looked for so long..

Snezhanna and John

Pait met on the website and after the month of communication they had their first date in Kyiv. They were not so talkative and always reply shortly, but very romanticly. We are happy and this is forever..